$ 755.5 million dollar challenge in 60secs- Make Money Online



If you don’t start now you are missing out $$$ every 60secs

Here is what you have missed in the last 60secs

According to internet usage data 2017

Every 60secs there is 3.5million search query

Every 60secs on the internet there is about 3.5 million people search for something online either through Google or other search engines, this people are people that are either trying to seek some information, trying to learn some new things or they are trying to purchase some anything.

Here is how you can benefit from this search query;

$751,522 spend on Google

From this figure above you can have your own share if you have your own blog, website or an ecommerce business such as shopify, amazon, ebay or others.

If you own a blog and someone makes enquiry about an information related to your content, you blog would be displayed and if the person click on your blog and find the information useful here are the way you can benefit from it;

  • You have their email and you can always make them come back to your blog by sending them every new post you updates.
  • You can sell them you e-books as a smart man you are making more money online
  • You can sell your physical product if you have ecommerce store, more $$$
  • You can make money through them clicking on your AdSense link if they find it useful
  • If you have an affiliate link placed on your blog and they click on it, you will earn commission


452,000 Tweet Sent

There are around 452,000 tweet sent every 60secs on tweeter, this a very important tool for any blogger, if your post trends well it might mean a lot of traffic to your website and this means more money.

It’s important that you attach your blog to your tweeter account, it very important it can be a gold mine if well used.


900,000 Login in 60secs

According to internet usage, there are about 900,000 login on the internet every 60sec which means if you have membership website you can have a lot of people subscribing to your website and with this you are making more money.     Don’t wait start making money now


342,000 Apps Been Downloaded In 60secs

If you are running a blog and you have an app you can make more money, around the web there is about 342k app download every 60secs.

If you have your app online you can have your own share every 60secs of this life on the internet, if you have more app download they you can monetize your app and also make more money, as a smart guy.


16 Million Text Message Been Sent Every 60sces

As well you can make money through text message using the following methods;

Partner with network providers by marketing tips on anything you know to their subscribers, there is huge money there.

Start a bulk SMS business

Text you blog link as SMS to your subscribers.

46 million post uploaded every 60secs


4.1 million Videos view every 60secs

If you don’t have a YouTube channel you are missing out on thousands of dollars already,

156 million email sent every 60secs, if you have a Youtube channel you can have your share of this Global cake.

There are other video platforms that you can upload videos, you can also start your video website using membership subscription or make it free, either way you will make money.


That’s the power of what you can achieve in 60 secs if you act now

Do not delay anything, act now start now




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