Important plugins to use on your wordpress websites




Do you want to make money with your blog? Then you need to check out this important plugins.

  1. Jetpack

  2. Askimet

  3. Google analytic plus

  4. Google xml sitemap

  5. Contact form 7

  6. Smartcrawl

  7. Yet another related post

  8. WP Smush pro

  9. Float Social media

  10. Gallery  


Just like its name, it’s a very essential plugin for your blog if you really want to make money online like us have said before.

This plugin as a lot of mouthwatering feature for its free usage, better still if you want to enjoy it better try using their paid feature it’s worth it.

Jetpack features are:

  • Security
  • Social media display made easy
  • Site speed
  • SEO
  • Subscription plugin
  • And a lot more widget advantage, when you install it you can navigate it and see more features.


It’s a very useful and powerful plugin that is useful for security of your blog.

It is very good in blocking useless and not related comment on your blog, it also very help in blocking malicious login attempt on your side. It keeps site hijacker away.

If you want to keep your blog clean and safe for reader good experience.

Google Analytic Plus

This plugin is a must have for anyone trying make money online using there blog.

This plugin would link you up with Google webmaster and also serve as an analytical device for your website.

Through the analytical service, it would be very easy for you to track the record of your site visitors, where they come from, there age bracket, gender, their choice and interest.

With this information you can visit website like and check what your audience are searching or asking about. Then from there you would what to write next for your readers which will make you more money online.

Google xml sitemap

This plugin Is very useful in indexing your website, it helps search engine websites like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to show your site easily on their search query.

Contact form 7

This another important plugin which is also vital to blog. This plugin is very easy to integrate to your website, it allows easy access to contact you by your reader.

They can easily send you message (email) or get your phone number from there and call you.

It very important to have this sector on your blog/website, it’s an effective way of communication.      


This is yet another powerful tool for make money online journey.

With this plugin you can make more money, because it help boost website page ranking on search engine.

This plugin can be set up on one click, it drives traffic to your website, it does keyword auto linking, sitemap generator, improves social sharing.

When you update a content it automatically analyze them and tell you what to edit, where to put keywords and the best keywords to use.

And finally, it regularly scan and give report of your website.          

Yet another related post  

A powerful plugin that help you engage your readers by bring along articles that and related and also reminds them to check them. The more the visitor stay on your site the more money you make. 

WP Smush pro

This plugin help you speed us your website by compressing the image size to a very good size and with this it reduces the load on the website. Speed of a website is part a feature than keep readers. 

Float Social media

This a plugin that helps you connect your blog to your social media account and increase user engagement from the social, the traffic coming from social media cannot be underestimated.

With this plugin your readers would be happy to share your post on social media, because this plugin makes the social media icons to follow them all around the blog.

Just like its name it float around the blog with your reader.    


Keep all your media together and make it easily to use and organized.


Bonus plugins

Ad rotate banner manager

WordPress ad widget

Ultimate ads Manager

Wp inserter

Quick Adsense

Day one challenge here

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