Hottest Blogging Niche you Should Try In 2018: Day 4 Challenge


   Hottest Blogging Niche you Should Try In 2018

For anyone to become a successful Blogger, Blogging niche is an important factor that a blogger should pay attention to in other to make money with their blog.

A lot of niche blogger has been able to make enough money from home doing what they love online, below are some hottest niche in 2018 in which you can pick the one you are most interested in.

PS: When picking your niche or blogging niche make sure you the one that best suit your interest and you will never be tired of writing about (follow your Passion).


  • Biz Opp

  • Hotel and Tours

  • Phone, software and Laptop Review (Tech Niche)

  • Health Tips Niche

  • Fashion

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Sports News and Live Scores

  • Food and Culinary

  • Bit coin

  • Job tips and Job Application

  • Agriculture

  • Dating and Relationship Tip

Follow the details below, and after this you should be able to make your decision on which niche to choose and start working immediately.


BIZ (Business) OPP(Opportunity) remain the most search niche in search engine query all over the time and years in past and present. Business opportunity niches ranges from teaching people how to make money online, survey filling, teaching people how to start a successful business and how to increase your earning

This is a very hot niche because there are millions of people who wishes to invest their money into business or planning to start a new business in other to raise their standard of living and make more money online.

The most cool part of it is that anybody can start this niche of they have enough knowledge about biz opp or are willing to research about it.

Here are samples of where you can go to get idea about biz opp niche:

Advice: Do not copy anybody’s content rather get ideas from they and brainstorm a way to write your own idea about business opportunities because there are many ideas out there you can write about as a smart man don’t overlook google trend and, you should also look into Day 2 challenge on most effective tool for bloggers.                 



Hotels booking and reviews, flight booking, and tours is a very rich niche which is worldwide popular and cannot be overlooked by anyone who wants to make money online.

Hotels booking is a very good niche where you should dive into immediately if you have enough knowledge about hotel and tourism, averagely in any country there should around 1 million hotel in any country, and there should around 40 million people looking online for an hotel to lodge into or trying to booking a flight, there are a lot of people online seeking for tourist center to visit around the world.

If you can write well about adventure or tourist center you have an advantage in this niche, write a very good piece about touring a place and best place to visit in major city in place like Dubai or anywhere in the world.

In this niche you can write about hotels or partner with hotels, you can also partner with big company in this niche in other to make money with your write up.


You might want to check the following site to gather ideas:



Tech niche is a very lucrative niche if well done, this niche include writing about software, phone and laptop review.

Get to know about new phones, laptop and software coming out, get information about and review them, upon this review you can put your affiliate link in them.

If you have updated write up about latest phone in town, you have a lot of traffic because there many people looking for review about something they want buy online or offline, even me looks around online before buying laptop or phone, I am sure you are guilty too.

There are a lot of people making millions online making videos on YouTube for new phone and laptop.

Imagine 1 million people buying Samsung S9 on the launching through your blog or affiliate link, as a smart man you can also make money online making tech review video and embed the link on your blog.


Health Niche is a very lucrative niche in the whole side world, this is because almost everyone is suffering from one or two ailment which they would be searching online to get tips about how to manage it.

This niche is as well dangerous, because you have to know what you are doing to get into this niche, you should be sound in herbal or medical tips. You cannot do guess work in this section because it has to do with life of others, if its well-done you can get more traffic and also have messages from herbal and pharmaceutical companies for advert.



Fashion niche is highly lucrative and as well as wide range of audience, male and female got to always research well about fashion online.

As a matter of fact female can do anything to get themselves fashioned, if you can keep them updated with trending fashion, they will worship your blog and make sure they visit your blog first for their updated.

If you are well versed with fashion you can win both male and female heart who love fashion very well with your good write up, you can also sketch fashion for sewing.

If you know how to select color or how to select clothe that matched well you can also get into this niche.

Get ideas about fashion on




Ba-boom!!!! This is a big bang for anyone who can write well in any educational field, write about biology, chemistry or anything in educational section.

As well you can dive into tutoring online, you can tutor people about their field of study while you charge for the tutoring.

You can as well set up a blog where you post content about past question and scholarship for student and people who are interested.

You cannot miss it in this niche if you know your things very well, around 1 million course is bought on Udemy monthly. Get idea on



This niche is the most wide and most used niche in the whole wide world, if you want to enjoy this you have to know your way around it and be very ready to bring new things to the table for people.

There are a lot of successful in this niche, people who have made it in this niche did a lot of new things to convince people to visit their blog.

Entertainment blog could be about celebrities, comedies, entertainment news, and news.

This niche is very lucrative because almost everyone needs at least a minute in a day to be entertained. If you have a bad day you can just visit a comedy blog to make yourself feel good.

If you are doubting this try to revisit the information about BBN, America got talent, Asia got talent and other entertainment show and research how much they make on this shows.

Get inspiration from:



Sport has become talk of the town among youths worldwide in recent time. Almost everyone has been interested in sport recently because it has a source of entertainment and inspiration for youths.

You can try out football news, basketball news and other, this niche can never be treated like other niches because it has to be up-to-date since it a game that happens almost every day, then you have to keep yourself up to date in other to remain in the game.

Another money making niche which you should dive into is live score blog, where you update your blog with minutes by minutes of any live game.

Where the money is in sports blog is bet promotion and sport equipment sales.



Everyone in this world would love to eat and always eat something, either normal person or a vegetarian.

You can make a lot of money with blog if you have good idea about food recipes and you know to reduce kitchen expenses.

This is the thing here, start a blog on how to cook your local and international foods as well, this will have to do about been versatile in recipe combination and coming up with new ideas in cooking.

The original big this is that you can start a membership blog site for food and make money a lot form that, because people will have to pay you to access your website  for their recipe information.

You can also dive into teaching people how to reduce cost when they want to stock their kitchen or cook some special things. As well you can charge people by helping them write their food time table for the month.



Some months back, Bit coin is the biggest thing in town and it’s actually a very good business where a lot of people who knows about crypto makes millions of dollars.

But after then there has been downside to crypto, there are a lot of crypto currency out there now, all you just have to do is learn about them and teach people how to trade crypto.

A lot of people are willing to spend any amount to learn crypto trading because is the new big thing in town. If you have deep knowledge about crypto currency, try this out and thank me later.

Here you have a n advantage; Facebook has banned the advert of crypto on their platform and twitter planning to do same, then if you establish yourself as an authority in this niche you can win big with crypto promotion.



This might sound odd but there are a lot of people searching online on how to plan and take of one crop or the other, there are a lot of people who are also interested in animal care and animal rearing.

If you have wide knowledge about rice, beans or any other plant cultivation you can develop passion for it and start writing about farming, if you can also develop idea about snail. Grass cutter rearing you can as well write about it and in no time you start making money with your blog.


Dating and relationship niche is a very awesome niche to dive into, this is because a lot of people are suffering from one or two kind or issues in their relationship or dating life.

Well, internet is the easiest place alive to tap into when you need info about anything, you can dive into this niche with the mindset of helping q     people to get their relationship right.

If you have enough tips about dating, marriage, and relationship life you can become authority in no time because no one can escape been in a relationship.

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