How to completely Design a professional wordpress website in 10 mins


Start your professional WordPress website or blog in less than 10 minutes Day 5 challenges 


In this post I will personally put you through from the beginning to the end in a very simple and explanatory way, I mean beginner-level.

Here are the things you need to get ready to get it done on time:  Requirement

Your computer

Obviously internet connection

Content of your website (what your website is all about, and about yourself)

Some content to publish

And finally, some fund to get your domain and hosting (around 10$-20$) for all and some hosting gives free domain for first year.


Domain Set Up

Like john champion would always say “lets get down to business”.

First thing first, you would like to brainstorm a domain name that would not be too difficult to memorize or remember.

If you are running a business wordpress website or a personal blog, you would love to give a name like,, I.e

You might also want to select a professional name like, and many more for your wordpress website, if you have a name in mind already you are good to go then.

The reason why I suggested your name for your business domain is because the domain would be easily linked back to you and would be very professional when you present it.

If you are running a niche related blog then you need to be more careful here, suppose you are running a sport blog, obviously you don’t wanna use name like, try as much as possible to get a name that would contain your niche keyword, your domain name should not be too long,, and avoid using numbers too.

Trust me, your domain name is your first biggest step you are going to carry when starting your blogging to make money journey, so you have to do that carefully.

Here is how to buy your domain name from some cheap domain and hosting company, I will be using namecheap, whogohost and bluehost and case study in this post, I would give list of some cheap hosting company you can use apart from the one above.

if you dont know what domains means you can click here to learn more

Hosting set up

After you have got your domain ready, then we proceed to setting up our hosting, we would be selecting the lowest plan for a start, but if you have a very high source of traffic kindly try a higher plan so that you don’t have a sluggish website.

Get the hosting plan that suits your budget here namecheap, whogohost and bluehost . I just give you a list of some cheap hosting company you can use.

How to install wordpress on your hosting through Cpanel

It’s simple here but sometimes a lot of people get it wrong, let’s install our wordpress in three simple step.

After setting up your domain an email, was sent to you which contain our cpanel information we will be using here now.

Steps to install wordpress


Login to your cpanel account>>>

Go to the search section >>>>

Search for softaculous>>

Then click on it, it will bring out some apps>>>


Click on wordpress>>

thtThen click install.


Fill the following information in the image below in the necessary places accordingly, then click install, before you go here, kindly change your user name from Admin to anything that suits you, use a very strong password for security reasons.

Basic wordpress set up you need to do before starting out

Firstly, you need to install your theme and some essential plugins (if you don’t know which plugin to install they check here but if you know then follow me.

To install themes go to appearance>> theme>> you can search and install or just upload one if you have it on your local disk.

After this you need to visit your post section and delete the sample post, now you have a clean website that ready to start working.

After installing wordpress, theme, and making it clean then we proceed to installing essential plugins.

This plugin is like a very powerful tool used in beautifying your website and also making most out of it, it will add a lot of features to your wordpress and you will be glad.

Before we move to the next step, on your dashboard click page>>> add new>> they we will create all the pages we would need on our website then set it up later.


Setting up your homepage, about page, contact page 


Setting up your homepage is a very important part of your website, this is where the visitors will see first when they enter your url. This will decide their retention, based on the design and layout of your website, the visitor might decide to check other pages too, do not overlook the fact that you have to have well and valuable content too.

Make your homepage as simple as possible, don’t overlay it, don’t make it too difficult and make sure you are using a mobile responsive theme because mobile devices are taking over the internet recently and will continue to increase.

To set up your home page, click on to see your admin dashboard. Click on appearance>> homepage>>>edit.

Here are some plugins you can use for setting up your homepage:

  1. Site origin page builder
  2. Elementor
  3. Page builder
  4. Visual composer.

click here to learn more about important plugins you should install

The plugins above are very easy to use without learning any coding, they series of drag and drop tool which can help add beauty to your homepage.

This can also be done in your theme settings or theme customization.

The following images would help you out. 


About page on blog/website

On this page, try to write as much as possible about your blog/website because this is where people will see what your website is all about and the reason why they should visit it again.

For example “

Naija business inside is your source of resources for making money online smart and fast. We are widely recognized as one of the first productive and make money online blog in Nigeria. This site is dedicated to mmosmart, which is a phrase that describe how to make money online and some easy way to make money smart online, resourses, tips and tricks that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. This blog has been endorsed by many major blog, magazines and online publications, and is frequently updated with articles by a team of idea generators that just want to help you make money online and make your journey simple”. 

Contact page

Like it sounds, it will contain your contact details and where people can get back to you or contact you if they need your help. To make this professional, you need to get a plugin called contact 7, after getting this plugin you only need to follow the images below,

click on the plugin contact form 7>>>

then click on settings >>>

then copy the shortcode>>>

Copy the above code and poste it on the contact page.

Now we are done with our website and we are good to go. Let’s enter the domain name and see our design.

 if you have any questions ask me below, if you need help building your website Hire me or contact us 


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