How to: Fiver Professional Gig Creation 2018 (Make Money Online)


Gig creation on fiverr looks like a very serious thing to look into in 2018 for anybody who would like to make money online.

It’s an important step because gig is just like your office you are going to be using to attend to buyers.

On fiver if your gig is well customize and designed professional you will have a successful business on fiverr which is why we are all o fiver.

Here are steps we need to look at on bulletin:-
  • Overview: Fill in your title and other vital info are included.
  • Pricing: set your price to your standard but do not overdo it. There are 3 sections in this.
  • Description and FAQs: Description of what you can do and frequently asked questions.
  • Requirements: stuffs you need form buyer to complete the job offer.
  • Gallery: insert your well designed gig image like 3, video and pdf options are available too. and
  • Publish: your gig is ready send it to world to see and start making money



Title of your gig should contain as many keywords as possible to make sure you are ranked on Google and other search engine, and you can later edit it to a correct and well-constructed English because the first title you saved would be the title fiverr save in their database.


For example you want to set a gig about logo design, let your first gig title look like this “Professional logo banner design 3d best design” input as many keyword as possible. Then after saving your gig and it has been approved then go ahead and edit it to your original title like “I will design a professional logo design and banner” or nothing else.


Select the category that your service belongs to “writing, program and design” and also select best sub category which will also help your appear in the right place on search placement on fiver and your GIG META DATA.

Search Tags

This a very important part of your gig creation, before you include any tag kindly try searching your niche keyword on fiver first and take a look at first tags shows then you can puck from it, you can also check top rated seller tag line and puck from them.

Pricing package

You can leave it to be basic packages alone or set it three pricing packages which are basic, standard and premium.

Basic: The smallest gig pricing which will show the least amount you would like to collect for some kind of offers.

Standard: This deals well with the medium price with the medium offer you would like to gve your buyers.

Premium: it’s the full package which will include all other packages and some new features.

           Here is what you should notice here, the basic price should be less than standard and standard less than premium.

There are other important features on this pages which we would like you to play around with, like gig extra and others which are likely to make you some more money apart from your original pricing.


Description and Frequently asked questions

Here is the real place where you will show the world what you can do at your best, the more you expatiate the better your chance of making more money, and finally do overdo it because no one has time to read a full page description.


Here you set in you well design image which would be your billboard for customers to see and branch your shop, then your chance to make money increases.

It is well advisable to have a banner designer to design a very good and professional gig image for you.

You can get a banner designer here.


Here you just publish your gig and share it to the world.


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